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Sirius™ Multigas Detector with PID Sensor

The highly reliable, easy-to-use Sirius Multigas Detector integrates a high-performance PID (Photoionization Detector) with a four-gas detector, enabling it to measure for combustible, toxic and oxygen-deficient atmospheres while simultaneously monitoring for VOCs (volatile organic compounds). PID performance is excellent and includes humidity resistance, stable zero readings, and fast response and clear times. The display simultaneously exhibits measurement readings for combustible gas, CO, H2S, O2 and VOCs. A battery life indicator continuously shows remaining run time. When measuring for general VOCs with isobutylene as the reference gas, the chemical name “isobutyl” appears in the designated dashboard on the display. When a known gas is present, easily obtain a direct measurement for that known gas by using an automatically calculated corresponding response factor to isobutylene, which is preprogrammed into the Sirius. The VOC gas of choice appears in the dashboard display area. Response factors are automatically calculated. Simply scroll through a “favorite five” list, or select a gas from the preprogrammed list of 100 gases. For added flexibility, the user can enable ppb VOC readings below 10 ppm, or VOC readings can be turned off for confined space monitoring. A piercing alarm horn and multidirectional bright LED lights warn of dangerous conditions. A “Safe LED” light flashes every 15 seconds, indicating that the unit is functioning properly.

Note:  calibration gas sold seperately

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