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Abatement Worker Training - (Alberta Only)

Provider Health & Safety Training
Description Abatement Worker Training - (Alberta Only)

Duration: 2 Day Course, 14 IICRC CEC hours earned

The Asbestos Abatement Worker course is designed to allow successful students to work in all categories of asbestos work risk environments. (The attached course guidelines review this course in its entirety.) Completion of this course will provide the successful student with a detailed understanding of the practical aspects involved in the effective control of asbestos containing materials, both friable and non-friable, in structures and in other industry environments. With an exam based certificate in hand, the worker is prepared to begin the field training portion of asbestos abatement.

Training course will meet all Alberta Provincial Regulatory Requirements.

• History of Asbestos
• Uses of Asbestos
• Exposure to Asbestos Fibre & Adverse Health Effects
• Provincial and Federal Regulations
• Asbestos Abatement Procedures – Low Risk
• Asbestos Abatement Procedures – Moderate Risk
• Asbestos Abatement Procedures – High Risk
• Personal Protective Equipment (Respirators & Disposable Coveralls)
• Abatement Work Area Preparation
• Negative Air Filtration Units
• Work Area Cleaning
• Handling and Disposal of Asbestos Waste
• Other Safety Considerations

Safety Express Training Ltd., offers a comprehensive range of safety training at our Training Center or at our client's workplace. We offer scheduled public courses and workshops designed to meet specific client requirements. All our programs are designed to meet applicable Alberta regulatory requirements.

Course Fees:

$ 499.00 - Early Bird Rate - (If paid in full 30 days prior to course start date)

$ 549.00 - Regular Rate


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