S.E.T. Training

Asbestos Abatement Training - Maritimes

Provider Health & Safety Training
Description Abatement Abatement Training - (Maritimes Only)

Duration: 3 Day Course, 19 IICRC CEC hours earned

Participants will be provided and general understanding of the origin of asbestos, the different types of asbestos, typical uses of asbestos in construction, and the importance of asbestos control in buildings. Also, participants will learn about the health effects of asbestos exposure, Type I and Type II operations, and be introduced to the relevant provincial regulations concerning asbestos. Along with a general review of the information provided in the Asbestos Awareness Course, participants will be provided with up-to-date information on the work methods, materials, and services in the asbestos abatement process. As well, the purpose of the course is to instruct those key individuals responsible for all phases of asbestos control: identifying a potential hazard, selecting or specifying the appropriate control measure; performing the control measure selected; or inspecting the completed work.

Course Fees:

$599.00 per person


September 24, 2019 Moncton, NB Jeremy Donovan Details