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SPCC - Floor Coating Basics

Provider Continuing Education
Description SSPC Floor Coatings Basics

Duration:2 day course

Course Fee - Member: $620.00

Course Fee:$ 820.00 - Non Member

This course is designed to meet the practical training requirements of SSPC-QP 8 Section 4.4, which require that each job crew chief and each QC manager complete a minimum two-day overview of concrete components, coating and surfacing types, and surface preparation and substrate repair techniques based on SSPC consensus standards TU-10, “Procedures for Applying Thick Film Coatings and Surfacings Over Concrete Floors.

Course Content

  • Concrete Composition
  • Coating and Surfacing Concrete
  • Condition Assessment
  • Planning and Documenting Work
  • Concrete Repair and Surface preparation
  • Treatment of Concrete Joints
  • Rediness Prior to Installation
  • General Installation Guidelines

    Benefits of Attending:

  • Recognize the basic properties of concrete
  • Identify the procedures involved in inspecting,documenting and preparing for an installation
  • Detect substrate defects that must be repaired before coating/surfacing.

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