S.E.T. Training

IICRC- OCT - Odor Control Technician

Provider IICRC
Description IICRC - OCT: Odour Control Technician

Cost: 349.00 per person

Duration: 1 day course - 7 IICRC-  CEC hours earned

The IICRC Odour Control Technician course covers odour, odour sources, detection process, theory of odour control, equipment, chemical options and applications. The student will learn the proper odour removal and deodorization techniques for mitigating urine contamination, combustion sources such as fire and smoke damage, and chemical sources such as fuel oil spills as well as bio-hazards sources such as:

  • decomposition
  • urine
  • contamination
  • mould
  • combustion sources such as fire and smoke damage 
  • chemical sources such as fuel oil spills or volatile organic chemicals

*** Please Note - Exam fees are additional and must be paid at time of exam. Exam fees are $65.00 US per person and fees are payable directly to the IICRC.

Course Fees:

$ 349.00 - Early Bird Registration - ( If paid in full 30 days prior to course start date)

$349.00 - Regular Rate

** Please refer to the dropdown box IICRC -ONLINE for currrently scheduled OCT ONLINE classes as all in branch classroom training will not be available due to the COVID-19 pandemic until May 31st or beyond**

   There are currently no classes scheduled. If you would like to speak to someone about future classes or arranging a custom class please call 1-800-465-3898