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Testing suggested guide lines:


D.O.P. Testing
Should be done on site where the unit is being used and where there is a requirement to filter out contaminants that are a cause for health concerns. Asbestos or mold abatement are examples of where this testing should be done.
Fit testing:
Fit Testing should be done every two years, although, should be done when changing brands, loss or gaining of weight and if any facial surgery is done.

Qualitative fit testing
A pass or fail assessment of the adequacy of a respirator. A qualitative fit test determines whether or not someone can detect various scents or flavors or can experience a negative reaction to a substance that can cause burning, watering eyes.


Quantitative fit testing
An assessment of the adequacy of respirator fit that uses numerical measurement of the amount of leakage into the respirator. Quantitative fit tests use a probe inside the face mask.

Note: Can be used for both half and full face testing.

Breathing Air Quality Testing
Should be done on site prior to using compressed breathing air systems