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Professional Cleaning




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We Know Professional Cleaning

We know dirt. And mustard. And coffee. And all the other soils and stains you’re charged with removing. Whether you’re cleaning a valuable Persian rug, or restoring a scuffed marble floor, we have the tools, chemicals, and training to help you succeed. 

Our stores are located nationwide, and staffed with local expertise that can help you overcome any cleaning curveball your customers might throw at you.   

We support all types of professional cleaning:


What Makes Us Different

There are many facets to running a successful cleaning business. When you partner with us, you get a one-stop shop that provides the services you need every day.


Innovative Products

We have access to over 100,000 specialized products that help you do your job faster and more profitably. We both manufacture, and partner with, the leading brands that develop products specifically for your needs.


Equipment Rentals

Our rental solutions help businesses of all sizes. From the startup business that rents portables to preserve cash flow, to the large organization that needs additional equipment to clean large one-off jobs, we have the equipment you need to complete the job. We have portable carpet cleaning extractors, encapsulation machines, rotary cleaning machines, air movers, and much more.

Call your local Safety Express store for availability.


Equipment Repair

Everything breaks eventually. Sometimes it makes sense to replace it, and other times, it’s a better financial decision to repair it. Our manufacturer-certified technicians can help you determine the best decision to get the most out of your equipment. Our technicians can repair, and service, truckmounts, portable extractors, air movers, orbital machines, and most any equipment you use.

Call your local Safety Express store for more information.


Hands-On Education

Starting a business can be scary. Growing a business and hiring employees can be scarier. Proper education is critical to both the startup and growth stages of a business to ensure you reduce liability and do the job right. We have classrooms located throughout the country where you’ll be taught by seasoned professionals. You’ll learn the theory behind the work you do, and then tackle the problem with hands-on demos so you can clean with confidence. We offer a mix of IICRC-certified classes, and shorter, one hour practical courses.

We offer training for companies of all sizes. View our Class Calendar, or contact us for class requests. We can often bring in instructors to meet your specific training needs.