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Working Faster as a Professional Cleaner with Brush Pro

Posted by Alex on May 24th 2024

In today's competitive professional cleaning market, businesses are constantly seek ways to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. High-quality, professional cleaning equipment stands at the forefront of this quest, offering solutions that not only save time but also ensure a spotless environment that reflects well on the company and your clients. Enter the Hydro-Force Brush Pro, a revolutionary piece of equipment designed to elevate your business's cleaning processes to the next level. W
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Basics of Maintaining Tile and Grout

Aug 12th 2022

Types of Grout The most common grout used for man-made tiles is sanded grout. This is a blend of Portland cement and sand. You can feel the presence of the sand to help identify this type of grout. The width of the grout line also aids in identifying the type of grout. Normally sanded grout is used when grout lines are 3/16” or wider. Sanded grout is appropriate for ceramic tile. It should not be used on stone floors, although it occasionally shows up there due to inexperienced installer
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Flooring Maintenance beyond Carpet & Tile

Posted by Tom Forsythe on Jul 22nd 2022

Many of us are familiar with the ins-and-outs of caring for carpet and ceramic tile flooring. However, several new types of flooring with less familiar names are becoming popular: LVT, LVP, WPC, and rigid core, to list a few. These floors were once a small segment of the market, but it’s growing. They are the focus of this week’s article. The upward trend of wood, engineered wood, cork bamboo, LVT, LVP, WPC (and there are more acronyms) is pushing cleaners to become familiar with thes
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6 Ways To Improve Your Business Cash Flow

Posted by Safety Express on Jul 12th 2022

Unforeseen Weather Events Can Strike Anytime Tips for increasing your cash flow Sales are up, profits are good… why can’t we pay our obligations? The answer to this question is one that has haunted many business operators: cash flow. A company can look good on paper, bringing in consistent revenue and new clients, while still coming up short at the end of the month. This phenomenon ties back to cash flow, the flow of money coming into and going out of the business. When you have mo
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​Soot and Smoke Cleaning, Sealing, and Odor Deodorization

Posted by Jared Twitchell on Dec 10th 2020

The following guidelines are suggestions only. Training and experience will be most helpful in deciding the best procedures and cleaning agents for use in fire and smoke situations. You can receive professional, in-depth training through an IICRC Fire & Smoke Technician and Odour Control Technician courses that are now available online. Proper testing and care must be taken before using any of the following suggestions and products on any surfaces.Types of Fires:Protein Fires These wo
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