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Can An Acid Rinse Be More Than A Neutralizer?

Posted by Tom Forsythe on Sep 16th 2020

The answer depends on the ingredient mix. Some formulas are designed as neutralizers which would pre-dominantly include acids. Other formulas go beyond this with other acidic builders and higher amounts of surfactant to qualify as an emulsifying rinse. An acidic emulsifying rinse is designed to work with all carpet pre-sprays. When used as your extraction rinse and you accomplish several things at once. You receive a cleaning and rinsing boost as you need it. Acidic builders are designed
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​Is your HEPA equipment performing to True HEPA Standards?

Posted by Ashley Peden on Sep 16th 2020

Is your HEPA equipment performing to True HEPA Standards?H.E.P.A. stands for High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance. True HEPA filters are pre-certified and marked by the manufacturers to indicate a performance of 99.97% efficiency at capturing particles at 0.3 microns in size.When putting equipment on an abatement or remediation project, it is important to test the integrity of the filters in your negative air units, vacuums and any other HEPA filtered equipment intended to control or remo
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Affordable Mould Remediation for HVAC Applications

Posted by Sentinel Products Inc. on May 15th 2020

Affordable Mould Remediation for HVAC ApplicationsHow Can Mold Be Addressed In HVAC Systems?One of the best ways to diminish the amount of mold in your HVAC system is to apply mold resistant coatings. Mold can easily build on the interior of your HVAC conduit and vents, there is special paint that can prevent this from happening. Similar to primer used before painting, it is safe to use and can be applied with brushes, rollers or sprayers. It also is effective against mildew forming. Visit www.s
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Measuring Elevated Body Temperature with FLIR

Posted by Flir Systems on May 14th 2020

FLIR EBT Elevated Body Temperature Solutions Since 2003 FLIR has been the leading provider of Elevated Body Temperature solutions, trusted by health agencies, governments and some of the best-known companies worldwide to support their need to partner with the most reliable and experienced provider of this type of equipment.FLIR “Screening Mode” – FLIR Screening Mode results in fewer false positives and fewer false negative than temperature screening protocols that alarm above a set temperat
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Mastic Removal

Posted by Ashley Peden on May 14th 2020

Removing an existing substrate to make way for a replacement is an everyday occurrence in our industry.When removing old flooring, a coating of adhesive is often left behind. It is important to remove the existing adhesives to allow a successful installation of the new substrate. Even further, polished concrete has become popular in recent years in which case the adhesive will need to be removed first to expose the original concrete surface. Before starting the removal of the flooring adhesives
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